North Indian Navratri Snack - Singhare (Water Chestnut) ki poori

1 Hour 05 Mins Cook Time, Two Servings

Singhara is also known as water caltrop, water chestnut, ling nut, devil pod, bat nut and buffalo nut. They are abundantly found in the warm temperate areas of Africa and Eurasia. This fruit resembles the silhouette of a flying bat or the head of a bull. Each fruit is quite large and starchy. It has been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent and China for nearly 3,000 years. In Japanese, this plant is called ‘Hishi’ which means a lozenge or a diamond-shaped.

Singhara is very beneficial because it acts as a coolant, cures jaundice, has antioxidant properties, treats urine infection, cures indigestion and nausea, relieves cough, helps to combat hypertension, improves the blood and is beneficial for the hair.

Let us now cook some Singhare ki poori


1 cup Singhara flour ( Water chestnut flour)

¼ cup boiled and mashed potatoes

¼ cup chopped fresh coriander leaves

¼ cup chopped fresh spinach leaves

2 teaspoon of ajwain seeds

1 tablespoon of red chilli powder

2 finely chopped green chillies

3 tablespoon of oil

Salt to taste

Oil for frying


Pressure Cooker, Kadai, Spoon, Bowl

Step By Step Method

Combine all the ingredients and knead into a smooth and tough dough with minimal water unlike for a ball of dough made from wheat flour. Then divide the kneaded dough into equal-sized balls to make pooris.

Shape the small ball into an even circle on your palm. Repeat the same with the remaining balls. Heat oil in a Kadai and now deep fry the poori till it gets cooked with a dark brown hue.

Relish these delicacies now.

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